For those of us who have never used a family law solicitor, you might not know the complete range of services provided by them and the various ways they can provide assistance to you. Outlined below, are 10 scenarios in which you may need their help.


In modern times, many people seek the services of family law solicitors when they are getting married and need a prenuptial agreement in order to protect the interests of either one or both parties involved. Conversely, in the case of a divorce, it may become necessary to seek the help of a professional in order to make sure everything goes through the proper channels and resolutions are done cleanly.


In the case where there are children involved in a marriage that is about to be dissolved, a custody battle may be fought by both parents, over the children. You will need the help of a solicitor for this. When it comes to divorce, another matter that usually arises is the issue of property.


The assistance of a family law solicitor is usually needed to ensure that you are given exactly what you are supposed to get. Aside from property, you may need the help the help of a solicitor when handling finances and possessions as well.


Following a child’s divorce, some grandparents discover that they are denied access to their grandchild/children by the opposing party. It is important to seek legal advice to as to know what and what can be done in this situation. For those of us who may be planning to enter a civil partnership, you may want to ensure that the proceedings move along properly. You may also want to protect your assets or perhaps need to find out more about your rights in the matter. In this case, legal advice is necessary.


In the case where a civil partnership comes to an end and a need arises to understand your rights better, a solicitor can prove to be of necessary assistance. If one needs to draw up a will, family solicitors can be of help. Lastly, one major reason people contact law firms with family specialists is because they might be in an abusive relationship and need a way out.


If any of the above-listed services applies to you in any way, then it is necessary to speak to a family law solicitor as soon as possible. It is also important to note that a law firm has a wide range of specialists in different aspects of law which include employment law solicitors or even residential conveyancing experts and so much more.